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Welcome to VOX - The Student Politics,  Economics and Philosophy Journal

VOX is a student-run academic journal based in the university of York.

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About us

VOX is a student-run academic journal covering a wide range of perspectives on various subjects.


We have our own dedicated committee which organises and edits each journal from start to finish. Each issue incorporates the thoughts of acclaimed professors with the work of students both studying at York and at other universities. We are currently funded and supported by the university's Club of PEP.  VOX is published annually and each issue focuses on a particular topic.


It was founded in 2006 and has since grown in size, readership, and acclaim. ​In Latin 'Vox' means 'voice' and we aim to be provide a medium for students share and discover ideas. Anyone can write for VOX and get involved with the publication!


Roles available vary from publicity and web design to sub-editing. We also welcome essay contributions from university students of all degree backgrounds. Being a contributor provides the chance to create debate, gain experience in essay writing, and deepen your knowledge of some really interesting topics.

Meet The Committee

An introduction to the team behind Vox

Our Projects

At VOX, including our annually published journal, we are working on new projects like the VOXensus blog and the upcoming Voices of VOX podcast!

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