About Vox Journal

Vox is a student-led journal with a political, economic and philosophical focus. We publish academic content primarily from students, professors and alumni from the University of York, as well as welcoming input from academics outside of our student body. Since its inception in 2006, Vox has striven to encourage students to engage in academic debate through their contribution to our termly issues and our online blog, Voxensus. We aim to provide a platform for students to share and exchange their opinions and ideas on topics within, around and outside their degrees in order to further enrich their own academic experience as well as that of their peers. Our platforms provided students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and love of learning through the pursuit of academic study and scholarly development.

Vox Journal publishes termly topical issues and a set of blog articles every fortnight.

Vox Journal Committee 2020/21

It is the age of stability; it is the age of uncertainty. It is the epoch of fairness; it is the epoch of inequality. It is the season of peace; it is the season of terror. Vox Committee represents the voice of the students at the University of York. We welcome keen observers of this multifaceted period. 


Lucia Nafziger & Max Colbert

Co Presidents

Maeve Schaffer

Vice President

Abi Holyland



Matthew Lunn


Samuel Kuo

Head of Proofreading


Maria Valenstain

Head of Sub Editors

Max Hinchley

Sub Editor

Valerie Ohwo

Sub Editor

Deven Voralia

Sub Editor


Leonardo Geretto

Layout Officer

Juliette Packard

Social Media Officer